The Transphenoidal Surgery Day!

  Faith, Prayer and Family Support😌🙏 What is a Transphenoidal surgery? It is a type of surgery performed through the nose and sphenoid sinus to remove pituitary tumors. As per Google - Transphenoidal surgery can be performed with an endoscope, microscope, or both. It is often a team effort between neurosurgeons and ear, nose, and... Continue Reading →


My Brain Tumor Journey

  December 2017, I was diagnosed Hyperprolactinemia by an Ob-Gynecologist Doctor (Christina Romero-Cuadra). My Prolactin levels was as high as 906.30 ng/ml and she felt very much alarmed. She requested to have me checked for Trans-V, various blood tests and an MRI. My Trans-V shows very thin lining of my Uterus due through the months... Continue Reading →

Cheating is a Choice.

I’ve seen a lot of girls that have been played on Fooled and Cheated. (Sorry to tell you this) The Question what most people don’t even understand? Why do people cheat?There are various reasons why. You see Men and Women are obviously different. As I have asked a lot of men. Most men “Cheats” because... Continue Reading →

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